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Key information extraction for any latin alphabet invoices

Transform invoices into structured data in real-time with our Invoice Recognizer

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No setup or retraining is required. Benefit from our powerful Invoice Recognizer trained on millions of invoices from all over the world.

End-to-end Automation

The entire extraction process is performed without any human inputs, providing you a real-time experience with a maximum level of data privacy.

Robust and Well-Proven

Achieved high extraction performances at scale in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, or any latin alphabets, across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Fast and efficient

Our recognizer works synchronously, with an average processing time of 1.5 seconds per page for pdfs and 1.1 seconds for images.

What is an invoice Recognizer?

Invoice Recognizer is a software technology transforming unstructured invoices, such as pdfs or images, into structured data, backed by Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This technology is mainly used to automate invoice scanning in order to reduce the need of manual data entry.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

OCR refers to technologies capable of detecting and reading text from images or documents in order to transform them into machine-readable format.

Invoice Recognizer vs Traditional OCR

The traditional OCR commonly refers to the generic problem of text detection and recognition. When associated with a type of document such as Invoices, it has evolved into Invoice Recognizer, which focuses on key information extraction instead of generic text extraction. It's also very common to transform it and apply on other document types. Examples: Receipt Recognizer or Passport Recognizer.

Invoice scanning

Invoice scanning refers to the entire process of collecting and processing invoices using software or web applications. In order to extract data from the unstructured invoice, Invoice Recognizer can be added in the process, and the result can be validated by human or not.

Businesses using invoice Recognizer

Automated invoice parsing is becoming necessary in many industries, not just financial services, but any other businesses using invoices in their workflows.

Invoice Recognizer tends to reduce errors, and optimize the processing time of invoices in accounting, accounts payable or receivable, procurement... More generally, in any tasks involving the payment, validation, or analysis of invoices.

Invoice Recognizer Demo

A real example to show the Invoice Recognizer in action

Extracted Invoice Data

Transform invoices in any format, including scans, photos and pdfs, into usable data for your company

Frequently Asked Questions about MachIDP's Invoice Recognizer

How can I test the Invoice Recognizer ?

To test our Invoice Recognizer, you only have to create a free account, and we will arrange a professional to communicate with you to cater your requests.

Is MachIDP's Invoice Recognizer free to use ?

A free plan is available to everyone. All you need is to register with us and contact us.

What is the accuracy rate of the Invoice Recognizer ?

MachIDP’s accuracy is above 90%, with precision above 97% for most of the fields. These performances are based on a data set including more than 5,000 invoices.

What's the response time of the Invoice Recognizer ?

The processing time is around 2 seconds per page for pdfs and 1.5 seconds for an invoice image.

We keep shortening this processing time with a target of below 500ms to achieve.

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