AI document processing for business documents

Save time, reduce costs, and maximize operational efficiency. A clear path to an increased ROI from the outset.

AI-driven and cloud-native document processing

MachIDP is a cloud document AI platform that helps all kinds of companies to automate the document processing process.

Outcomes, delivered

MachIDP was purpose built from the start to minimize the time your organization spends processing documents.

Reduce Manual Labours

Minimize the time spent on business documents.  Documents such as invoices and receipts can go through business processes without manual intervention.

Consistent accuracy

Manual worker makes mistakes and it is difficult to maintain consistent accuracy rate for business workflow. Consistency and high accuracy is the key for a successful business workflow that scales.

Machine validation

Machine learning allows work to be checked according to certain criteria which ensures it is up to the quality that can deliver to your clients and partners. Notification will be sent if human review is recommended.

More focus Human work

We believe human work should focus on high-value task such as reviewing and making decision rather than working on repeated tasks, which should leave to machine.

Seamless integration

MachIDP integrates numerous business APIs where you could import and export data to software that you usually use, seamlessly experience.

Customer Support

MachIDP offers 724 on-demand customer support to clients because we understand many of our clients work around the clock to achieve their goals.

Successful Customer Stories

Hong Kong-Based IT Consulting Firm

Achieved 96% of accuracy rate with MachIDP for its clients in data capture tasks

India-Based KYC Platform

Reduced invoice inspection response time by 70% and cut costs by 50% by minimizing manual data entry efforts

India-Based Relocation Platform

Achieved an accuracy rate of 95%+ in passports data capture